Arhitecture competition

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The idea for establishing the Museum of Occupations in Estonia’s Recent History came about in 1998. Dr. Olga Kistler-Ritso, who founded the special foundation for implementing this idea, wants to establish a museum which would reflect Estonia’s trials and tribulations during the occupation years of 1940 – 1991. It was also evident that it was necessary to establish a memorial for commemorating those who rest in foreign soil and those whose final resting place is unknown.

When this idea was born, we came to the conclusion that the museum should be housed in a new building which reflects contemporary architectural concepts. Since Estonians do not have much experience building museums, and since this would be a community establishment, it was decided that an open competition would be held for finding the best architectural solution.

The project was finally launched two years later. Together with the Eesti Arhitektide Liit – EAL (Estonian Architects’ Association) and the Eesti Kultuurkapital (Cultural Endowment of Estonia), the Kistler-Ritso Eesti Sihtasutus -- KRES (Kistler-Ritso Estonian Foundation) announced the start of the competition for finding the best architectural solution for the building to be erected on the lot at the intersection of Kaarli Avenue and Toompea Street.

The deadline for presenting entries to the competition was January 15, and by that time, 51 projects had been submitted. On the basis of this quantity alone, the competition could be regarded as a success. The judging panel’s choice was announced at the Architectural Museum on 2 February 2001. This booklet introduces the five prize winning entries.

Kistler-Ritso Estonian Foundation

Judging Panel:

Heiki Ahonen, KRES (Chairman)

Leonhard Lapin, EAL

Himm Looveer, EAL

Lagle Parek, KRES

Andres Põime, EAL

Jüri Arrak, Estonian Artists’ Association (alternate)

Winning entries:

KIVI- Andres Kask

THBS- Markus Kaasik, Kalle Komissarov, Andres Ojari,
Indrek Tiigi, Ilmar Valdur; Kolm Pluss Üks OÜ

III prize
SIN- Reio Avaste , AS Eek & Mutso

II prize
NELI KOMA NELI- Tiina Teng, Peeter Loo

I prize
Iiris- Indrek Peil, Siiri Vallner