In Memoriam Walter Kistler

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In Memoriam Walter Kistler (1918-2015)


The Museum of Occupations announces with sorrow that Walter Kistler has passed away on November 2.
Walter Kistler was husband of Olga Kistler-Ritso, the founder of the Museum, and father of Sylvia Thompson, the chairman of the museum´s supervisory council.


The Kistler-Ritso Foundation was established in the USA and Estonia in 1998 for the purpose of studying Estonia’s recent history and also the idea of founding a museum was born. The Museum of Occupations was opened in 2003 and was financed solely with private contributions of the family Kistler.


Walter Kistler had emigrated from Switzerland in 1950 and started to work in the field of space

technology. He established several successful businesses and patented many of his inventions,

which are highly valued in the USA.


The Museum sends condolences to the family members of Walter Kistler.