Two Exhibitions about Slovakia´s recent history NOW OPEN

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The exhibition Slovak Memorials to Victims of World War II depicts the most dominant and well-known landmarks from all over Slovakia dedicated to those who fought against injustice and sacrificed their lives for the ideals of freedom. The theme of the exhibition was chosen topically on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of the WW II.

The Slovak National Uprising is an Exhibition about the Slovak nation´s victory over totalitarianism. In the World War II the Slovaks demonstrated their national growth and inner self-consciousness through the Uprising, which triggered by the decision to end their vassal dependency on Nazi Germany. The Slovak nation thereby proved both to itself and to the democratic world at large that it had a distinct national existence. The Slovak nation voiced clear, categorical and spontaneous objection to the military occupation of Slovakia. The Uprising was one of the greatest national acts in the modern history of the Slovak people, a history, which appears to be modern only after the event.


The Exhibitions were opened on October 20th by the President of Slovakia Mr Andrej Kiska during his official visit to Estonia.